Al-Nawadi Holding Co. was established in the State of Kuwait in 2004 as a Kuwaiti Shareholding Co. – Closed which possesses a series of pioneering health institutes and resorts in the region. And this is based on the interest in amalgamating the sportive units and physical fitness and entertainment centers for building up and managing a network of physical fitness centers, as well as centers for treatment and recuperation, a matter which makes the company of a pioneering role in this field at the level of Kuwait and the region, and the restructuring of the company is second to none at the level of the State of Kuwait in connection with the idea, together with the solutions and alternatives proposed.

Al-Nawadi Holding Co. possesses a number of pioneering affiliates which have good reputation in the field of General Trading & Contracting with the intend of serving its objective in the field of establishing and managing its health institutes and resorts, i.e. the Triple General Trading & Cont. Co., Platinum Gen. Trad. Co. and Al-Shaima Medical Management & Care Co.

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Our vision is to enlarge our client base in Real estate, Entertainment and Health centers by searching new abroad marketing areas in the Middle East. Achieve our aim to be a modern, innovative, performance-oriented employer and prudent management, creating a work environment that will continue to be characterized by cooperation, solidarity and collegiality.


Our mission is to translate the company vision and bring it to reality; we will be the leader in Real estate, Entertainment, Network of physical fitness centers, by finding distinguish land mark and establishing different branches of our industries all over the Gulf regions and the Middle East, taking in consideration the following priorities:

  • Our real investing is our human resource
  • Leading the subsidiaries to provide highest performance with the highest Quality.
  • Leading the subsidiaries to the professionalism.
  • Invest the resource of the company effectively.
  • The Recognition in the general performance of all the subsidiaries is an important aim.
5 F's Philosophy:
  1. Family: Offer our members a family-oriented professional fitness environment for our members.
  2. Fitness: Create an upbeat and outgoing atmosphere as we improve our member’s physical and mental fitness.
  3. Fun: helping our members  improve their quality of life. We want them to enjoy the benefits that come with living a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise. 
  4. Friendly: Employ a friendly, helpful staff that provides helpful and knowledgeable service.
  5. Facility: Offer our members leading edge equipment in a clean and well maintained facility.